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Home Condition Survey

The Home Condition Survey (HCS) is a survey and report designed specifically for the home buyer. It has standard terms of engagement and a standard format. Unlike the HCR it will not be lodged on the entral register.  It does not include an EPC so this can be offered as an additional service.

·        A Home Condition Survey is a comprehensive report looking at the issues that will affect your decision to purchase, or the price you might pay.

·       Which? And the Council of Mortgage Lenders both recommend home buyers commissions an independent survey. Although your lender may require you to pay for a Valuation Report, it answers only the lender's questions about the appropriate security for your loan. You cannot rely on it to provide a detailed report on the condition of the property.

·        Identification of major problems early in the purchase process.

·        Simple 1/2/3 condition rating of key property elements.

·        3-4 hour survey investigates structural movement, dampness, rot, woodworm, building condition, subsidence, services, environmental and health & safety issues, and other important details of property condition.

·        20-25 page report with photographs which give you a jargon-free assessment of the condition of the property. Insurance backed and produced & monitored under a nationally recognised accreditation scheme.


£0-250K less than 10 years old = £300

£0-250K more than 10 years old = £350

£250-£500K less than 10 years old = £400

£250-£500K more than 10 years old = £500   

SAVA regulates surveyors who carry out the SAVA Home Condition Survey. It is an approved regulator of Home Inspectors and all its surveyors have a diploma in Home Inspection and a full criminal records bureau check. SAVA has an established reputation as a champion of residential property surveying standards and employs thorough checks and quality assurance procedures designed to guarantee consumer confidence.


Home Condition Reports are a new format survey document initially introduced as part of the Housing Act reform introducing HIPs. The HCR is a level 2 survey report pitched at a similar level as the RICS Homebuyers Survey.  

The Home Condition Report (HCR) contains information about the physical condition of the property. Sellers, buyers and lending institutions will be able to rely on the report. The report does not contain a valuation of the property.  It provides a simple method of condition ratings, each element of the property, for example the roof, walls, ceilings etc., will be thoroughly examined and given a rating. This is assessed on a four point scale:


• ‘1’ rating indicates either no defect present or if the works are very minimal and could be classed as normal maintenance

• ‘2’ rating indicates that repairs are required but the home inspector does not consider these to be serious or urgent

• ‘3’ rating is applied if urgent works are required or further investigation is required. 

• ‘NI’ not inspected.

The report also contains other essential information including highlighting any health and safety risks, environmental concerns and provides a reinstatement cost figure, which can be used for insuring your property in the event of maximum loss.

The Home Inspection (Survey) can only be conducted by a Qualified and Accredited Home Inspector who will have passed the Diploma in Home Inspections. We are part of the SAVA Certification Scheme and are licensed and qualified to conduct HCRs.  

The HCR is becoming widely used for people who are looking for a Homebuyers Survey with the extras. No other standard Survey report provides an Energy Performance Certificate and reinstatement assessment as standard making the HCR exceptional for quality and value. The HCR cost is based on the size of property being inspected and is generally cheaper than a standard Building Survey.


£0-250K less than 10 years old = £325

£0-250K more than 10 years old = £375

£250-£500K less than 10 years old = £425

£250-£500K more than 10 years old = £550

If you require any additional information please feel free to contact us.

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