Providers of Home Condition Surveys (HCSs), Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) - Inspectors of Property


The Energy Performance Certificate shows the official energy efficiency rating of a property. The certificates are carried out by an accredited Energy Assessor, who visits the property to collect the relevant data and creates the certificate. This data includes the date, construction and location of the house and relevant fittings (heating systems, insulation or double glazing, for example).

The certificate provides you with a rating for the building, showing its energy efficiency and its environmental impact on a scale from A-G (where A is the most efficient and G the least efficient), in graphical format. It also contains recommended ways to improve the building's energy performance.

By 2009, all buildings in the UK that are constructed, sold or rented out will have to have an Energy Performance Certificate, in accordance with the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.

CLG and the Energy Savings Trust have produced a short guide for householders in England and Wales on ways to cut down on energy bills and the financial support available for implementing energy efficiency measures in their homes. This includes the support available for acting on recommendations in the EPC.

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